A Full Guide to Metal Bed Frame 2021

What type of bed frame should I buy? Would it be comfortable? Will it complement the other furniture in my bedroom? Which material would last for years? Are the super common questions!

Indeed beds are the investment piece of furniture built to last. Not just this, the foundation of a great night's sleep is totally dependent on a good quality bed. A bed frame chosen with care can provide years of comfort while bringing an exquisite level of style to your sanctuary. Think about it! You spend one-third of your day in bed – blissfully slumbering or tossing and turning.

Hence, it is necessary to opt for the bed frame that gives your room a luxurious touch with ultimate relaxation and support. So it is no surprise that customers want to feel confident about the bed frame material they are buying. When it comes to finding the perfect bed frame, other than picking up the mattress, there are numerous other factors to consider, including color, design style – and most importantly, the material. Among all the materials, metal bed frames provide you the comfort and stability while giving your slumber space a look it deserves.

Since there are numerous options available in the market, this bed frame buying guide will make the searching process easy for you. We'll walk you through the advantages of metal bed frames while helping you in making an important decision.

Let’s get started!

From What Signs Can I Know That The Bed Frame Needs to Be Replaced?

Jump into your bed, and see if the middle of your mattress sinks in. It is not always the mattress that is faulty, but this means there is something wrong with your bed frame. However, identity the signs of a weak bed frame before it breaks. You must be wondering how? Keep reading; we have answers to all your questions.

If you are noticing cracks or splits on the bed frame, then it’s time to change. Beware of splits where your headboard and bed frame connect; this can make your bed collapse while causing an injury. Besides, listen to the way your bed makes sound when you lay or sit on it. If it makes squeak noises, it is an obvious sign that it should be replaced immediately. Moreover, if you observe that your bed moves awkwardly when you sit on it, this indicates that it has exhausted its use.

The list of signs does not end here; while laying on the bed, if you see that your body is not aligned, change your bed frame instantly. Sleeping on a damaged or broken bed frame could result in a muscular spasm or any other bodily injury. Watch out!

What Do We Need to Consider Before Buying a Metal Bed Frame?

Buying a bed frame is a daunting task. Obviously, you want to invest your money in something worthy. However, it is an easy task for some, but let us clarify – it is a crucial decision to make.

Let’s dive in deeper…

1. Slats

Although slats are unseen when the mattress is placed on the top, but slats play an important role. Its placement can make or break your decision. So, before buying the metal frame, check the distance between the slats as it provides ultimate support to your mattress. Remember, it should not be more than 2.5 inches.

2. Foundations/Box Springs

Choose a box-spring that comes with a bed frame or legs that avoid touching the floor. The springs are designed to enhance support for your mattress and while the structure provides a firm base. Besides, the box springs provide shock absorption – which is an important feature.

3. Material and Style

Always opt for the style that compliments the wall color and other furniture in your bedroom. Check out the theme of your bedroom, tiles, carpets, or flooring. Keep in mind the cleaning aspect. Not just this, make sure to buy the material that lasts for years.

4. Measure the Space

Before buying metal bed frames, make sure to measure the space where you will place your bed. Not only this, think of all the furniture that needs to be placed in your bedroom. The overcrowded bedroom can make you feel suffocated, so calculate the space you have for the bed.  

Mattress Size and How to Measure Your Bed and Bedroom Size?

The size of your slumber space is the key factor to consider before making any decision. But it’s very easy. With the help of measuring tape calculate the dimensions of your room using the basic formula of length x width = area. If you do not have a square-shaped room, you can split the bedroom into different segments. Then determine each section and add the sizes up.

Since now you have the appropriate size, you can move further with the size of the bed. Calculate how much space around the bed there will be with different bed sizes in the room. Make sure you have two feet of walking space so that you can roam around easily.

Finally, yet importantly, the mattress size. Getting the perfect size mattress is one of the vital determinants leading towards the goal of a good night’s sleep. With very little difference in dimensions between certain sizes, getting the right fit for your bedroom can be a daunting task. However, the below-mentioned mattress size chart can help in making the right decision.

Don't forget to count the number of people occupying the bed at a time, including pets and children who jump in to cuddle. Size options include: 

Mattress Size

Mattress dimensions

Toddler bed




Twin XL




Full XL




California king





Advantages of Metal Bed Frame and Bed Storage Options

As it turns out, metal bed frames are perfect for both decorative and practical reasons. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom while giving you comfort and coziness – all at the same time. When it comes to durability and reliability, metal bed frames are extremely strong. To be short, we have gathered some biggest benefits of buying metal bed frames. Have a look!

1. They're extremely durable and long-lasting, that worth the buy. But make sure you are buying them for indoor use – else, they will get rusted.

2. Metal beds are safe and easy to clean. They do not break easily and are resistant to hazards like fire and pets that can destroy your furniture.

3. Metal frames are convenient in multiple ways. Most importantly, they're easy to assemble and disassemble with lightweight.

4. Unlike other materials like wood, metal bed frames are available in a wide range of style designs and colors. Whether you're looking for a contemporary finish or antique pieces – metal frames should be your choice.

5. Metal bed frames have under the bed storage, or you can say a concealed space for storing extra clothing items and furnishings.

Features, Accessories, and Types of Metal Bed Frame?

You must beware of it that metal bed frames are available in a wide variety of materials ensuring stability and sturdiness. Not to mention, they are famous for their versatility, affordability, and ease of case. Depending on the structure, a metal bed frame could or could not require a box spring/foundation, and the frame may also be designed to offer storage space underneath. Before buying any, remember metal bed frames are made of several types of material, including steel, iron or cast iron, and metal alloys – opt for the one that elevates your bedroom décor with comfort.

Metal Bed Frame Style and Design

No matter what type of decor or home you have, metal bed frames fit in perfectly. They are available in multiple designs and styles – whether you are looking for a minimalist design with fine lines or sophisticated style with intricate footboards and headboards, metal bed frames have got you covered. However, you can opt for a simplistic design; they add elegance and light to your bedroom. But if you are into classic things, a bed with a forged headboard and footboard is your option.

Folding beds are unique; if you do not have adequate space, you can pick folding beds with metal frames. Besides, platform beds are another option; it eliminates the need for bulky foundation/box springs. Contemporary canopy and futon beds are also available in metal bed frames.


The Bottom Line

Revamping or setting up your bedroom is not as easy as it sounds. You buy the furniture keeping in mind the aesthetics and expenses. Out of all the furniture, picking up on a bed frame is the most crucial decision as the wrong choice may lead to sleepless nights with other health issues. Furthermore, you want to invest your hard-earned money in a product that lasts long while providing you with ultimate comfort. So, if you are among those looking for a sturdy bed frame – choose BedStory’s metal frames.

Overall, metal bed frames are perfect for making your room - a space for relaxation. It goes pretty well with the interior decor of your bedroom, especially if you furnish your room with metal furniture. Besides, the heavy-duty steel construction supports heavy-weight, whereas the welded steel makes the entire frame safe & solid.

With metal frames, feel the magic of Good Night’s sleep…