BedStory Best Memory Foam Mattresses Review 2021

Why are Memory Foam Mattresses Popular?

Choosing furniture for your slumber space is an important decision. Our bedroom is the last thing we see at night and the first thing we wake up to every morning. Simply put, the bedroom is our ultimate hideaway hence we all want our rooms to be a tranquil sleep sanctuary that we can enjoy. Not to mention, everything inside our room should be comfortable and most important among all the selections is the “Mattress”.

Quality night's sleep is important and if you think you are not getting a good night's sleep, it is time to find out the underlying culprit: obviously your mattress. However, a great mattress makes a huge difference and can make your sleep time better - here memory foam mattresses comes in handy. They provide the ultimate support your body needs at night while getting you some restful Zzzzzzs.

Having a memory foam mattress means you can crawl into your bed that conforms to your unique body curves while hugging you. With a memory foam mattress, you don't have to deal with joint aches or back pain. Moreover, you can sleep deeply throughout the night - waking up fresh and raring to go! The list of benefits does not end here. There are a lot more advantages of memory foam mattress that makes it popular among people - it has uncountable benefits including health benefits.

A memory foam mattress could improve the quality of your sleep and some people swear by it. However, it is a common type of mattress that provides superior support and easily adapts to your sleeping style – it keeps the neck and spine aligned while you sleep. For your ease, we have written an in-depth buyer's guide to help you find out the best memory foam that is right for you. We understand, there are numerous sellers in the market who are using memory foam layers and this has left many shoppers unsure which mattress will work best for them. So, if you want to know about the top memory foam mattresses, keep on reading we have some insightful information for you.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

The basic kind of memory foam mattress is made out of polymer which is known as polyurethane. This material is commonly found in most car seats, mattresses, and sofas. However, memory foam has a very durable material and it is known for providing exceptional pressure relief with good support. Not to mention, memory foam mattresses have a longer span of life as compared to other spring mattresses.

Besides, these kinds of mattresses combine a layer of memory foam with support or spring foam. With the heat of the body, the memory mattress foam easily molds to the shape. In addition, it provides support, comfort, and care – all at the same time. Once the pressure is removed from the mattress, it bounces back slowly to its normal state while remembering your sleeping position and body shape. That is why it has the name "Memory". The mattress is both energy absorbent and soft. Not just this, it distributes the body weight evenly while protecting you against the impact, such properties make memory foam comfortable. These kinds of mattresses really took off. The memory foam mattresses are well known for its use in mattress pads, pillows, and mattresses as it comes in different depths and densities.   

Characteristics of Memory Foam Mattresses

The memory foam mattress has earned a loyal following due to its unique characteristics which are mentioned below.

1. Body Hugging Comfort

Its temperature-sensitive material reacts to your body weight and heat. As a result, it compresses from the portion where weight is applied and it slowly gets backs to its normal size once the weight is removed. In simpler terms, it hugs your entire body with tailored cushioning while contributing to significant pressure relief.

2. Superior Motion Absorption

Due to its contouring, the memory foam mattresses do not make any sound, reducing the chances of disturbing a partner sleeping beside you – minimizing the effect of movement. As you lie down on the bed, the foam instantly molds according to your body curves. However, this curve conforming feature is what sets it apart.

3. Reduces Neck & Back Pain

Its viscoelastic foam provides neutral spinal alignment and as a result, you sleep in a position that is both supportive and comfortable. In the long- run it reduces the chances of chronic back pain and neck pain.

4. Hypo-Allergenic

If you suffer from allergies memory foam mattress should be your choice - its polyurethane foam repels the mold. Moreover, it is resistant to dust and other pet dander.

5. Sag Free

The memory foam mattresses are made up of high-grade adaptive material offering just the right blend of "not too soft and not too firm." Due to its open-cell design, there will be no sagging for the life of the mattress – it's a guarantee.

BedStory® 12 - inch Memory Foam Mattress

BedStory® 12inch Memory Foam Mattress

Do you think you are not getting quality sleep? If yes, it is time to reconsider what you are snoozing on – obviously your mattress. For a good night's sleep, it is essential to get correct support, comfort, and space ensuring to wake you up less at night. This is where the BedStory 12-inch memory foam mattress comes in handy. This mattress is made with eco-friendly premium foam keeping in mind the element of contouring your body with pressure relief support. Not to mention, this mattress provides a comforting and serene sleeping environment with its infused lavender scent turning your slumber space into a tranquil sanctuary. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, its advanced technology and premium quality will make your nighttime better. The foam used for this mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified and durable. It meets the CFR1633 Standard which indicates that it is hard to burn hence it is safe to use.

Besides, its 2.5 inches pure memory foam molds according to the sleeper's body shape while reducing body pressure. It has an air circulation system for adjusting the body temperature and better ventilation – helping you sleep comfortably. Not just this, its 2.5 inches high-density foam base offers unmatched support during your sleep time. Unlike other mattresses, Bedstory has lavender essential infused which works as a natural air purifier. It increases slow-wave sleep, helps in relaxing the muscles with a slow heartbeat – making your bedtime exceptional.

It has a removable mattress cover made with knit fabric that you can wash easily at home. So you don’t have to worry about cleanliness and hygiene. The memory foam mattress is compressed, rolled, and vacuum-sealed in a box this makes the delivery and setup of the mattress easier. It expands on its within 48-72 hours, due to weather conditions like cold it may take longer to expand fully.

This mattress provides good spinal alignment and support to each part of your body while preventing it from pain. In addition, it promotes quality nighttime sleep with good form and posture.

Why People like BedStory 12 - inch Memory Foam Mattress

The customers who bought the BedStory 12inch memory mattress foam through BedStory online store really liked it. According to them, the mattress provides excellent pressure relief while improving sleep quality and duration. Not just this, it gives a sensation of being cradled with improvement in physical health and emotional wellbeing. Moreover, the mattress is durable with better ventilation that automatically keeps your body temperature in control. Simply put, the mattress provides exceptional support with luxurious comfort.

Besides, this mattress integrates perfectly with the body while giving the back, hip, and shoulders endless support. It’s advanced technology and premium material gives comfort to all kind of sleepers and is eco-friendly as well. The foam used in the construction of the mattress makes it breathable and keeps it protected from moisture. Also, the mattress mold to the body shapes while reducing pressure. Not only this, the mattress adjusts the temperature on its own making your sleep time better with unparalleled support. Its motion isolating technology provides a balanced bounce. Simply put, if somebody is sleeping beside you and wakes up before you and moves – it won't disturb you.

Wrapping It Up!!!

If you feel tired after good 8 hours of sleep, you need to buy a good quality mattress. Buying a memory foam mattress would be a great decision for you. It helps you in getting quality sleep throughout the night. But, before investing in any mattress do your research. Opt for a mattress that is comfortable, cozy, and can control body temperature. Memory foam mattresses are the ones that provide endless support and comfort with numerous health benefits. Not just this, they are ideal for all the sleeping positions. It has better airflow, promotes good pressure relief, and provides posture support.

So, if you are looking for an extremely comfortable mattress for your sleeping space buy a memory foam mattress. You might get confused while shopping as there are multiple options available in the market, we would suggest you buy 12inch Memory Foam Mattress. There are some great benefits to switching to memory foam mattresses including top-notch comfort, durability, and health aids. With such a mattress, you won't face heat and gassing issues. But make sure you have the right information.

A good mattress could significantly improve your sleep, the same as good furniture. They will make you relaxed and pleasurable while at home. Only if you have a good rest, then you will full of energy during the working days. 

Happy Sleeping!!!