Enjoy A Good Night With BedStory!


1. The History, Background, and Development of BedStory

A good night’s sleep is the ultimate cure!

Nothing beats sleeping peacefully at night where your bed is so soft, so comfortable, and so relaxing that it is the best partner you could ask for. Well, that’s the motto of BedStory, where we strive to make mattresses so soft, so comfortable, that you will truly feel like sleeping on the clouds.

With a mission to create the best sleeping solutions for the world, BedStory has set out to provide addictive comfort via premium bedding and mattresses that will make your every night, a good night.

So how did we come to be?

It all started with the founders of our company [insert name of the founders] who shared a love for having a good night's sleep and wanted to provide the world with similar comfort. Their expertise combined with progressive R&D revealed the ultimate solutions that BedStory is proud to share with the rest of the world.

By solving one sleeping problem at a time, BedStory has come a long way from being standalone to an easily identifiable and highly sought-after brand that has a reputation of proving some of the best sleeping solutions in the bedding industry.

We design our beds for comfort; maximum comfort that is!

This includes mattresses with a unique hybrid structure comprising hypoallergenic covers and memory foam. We offer beds comprising entirely of highly ergonomic memory foam to alleviate your pressure points to mattress memory as well as convoluted foam layers for maximum comfort and highly efficient airflow structure to keep you cool and the layers fresh. These foams conform to the natural curves of your body, making sure you get your well-deserved rest.


2. Our Brand Philosophy

The philosophy of our brand revolves around some key aspects, at the centre of which rest highly scientific R&D. so we experiment a lot and make all different kinds of mattress models. This includes:

· Soft models

· Medium models, and

· Firm models

We search for what can provide our clients with utmost comfort and support without compromising the highest possible quality deliverable. Additionally, we even employ test subjects to try out our mattresses to see which ones they prefer more over the others.

At the core of our philosophy, lies three major principles:

· Uncompromising QC: Our quality control has remained the same for the past [insert number of years] since the foundation of BedStory. Our experience in the bedding industry has allowed us to employ only the highest standards for production and quality standards abiding by international regulations.

· Employment of Latest Technology: Our team of experts has 40 years of experience in the industry and we have complete faith in their approach to provide some of the best and most innovative solutions presently available in the market. Their research along with our surveying and market researches have allowed us to devise a progressive path to success.

· Use of Premium Material: This is what truly sets us apart from the competition. It is with great joy and pride that we boast the use of only the finest available raw material in the market for the manufacturing of our mattresses and memory foam.


3. Vision

Our vision is similar to a good night’s sleep, comfort ensured with constant improvement in our products to ensure our client is always content with the use of our products. To have our name synonymized with comfort and rest. So every time a person lays down on our mattresses, they have all the stress from their body alleviated and are filled with a sense of ease and comfort.

4. The technical advantages of BedStory products

· Highly ergonomic designs – BedStory mattresses are designed keeping the comfort of the customers in mind, making them ergonomic all over. We have put a great deal of research and experimentation behind discovering what makes a mattress as comfortable as possible and added the extract of our research in our products.

· Use of premium materials – BedStory has a non-compromising standard when it comes to the selection of the raw materials used for the manufacturing of our products. We source only the best quality material available from selected vendors after conducting a thorough background check to ensure that our values align.

· CertiPUR-US certified – We are proud to claim that we are CertiPUR-US certified which means that our products contain no ozone depletes, no heavy metals (including mercury and lead), no prohibited phthalates, no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), no BPDE (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers), and no formaldehyde.

· Use of gel memory foam – With an added feature of gel to our memory foam, our mattresses are designed to absorb heat from the body and keep you cool through the night; ensuring a relaxing and comfortable sleep. It also ensures reduced motion transfer and the mattress molds itself to the shape of your body to ensure it supports the joints on your body which is perfect for people suffering from arthritis or other forms of similar illnesses.

· Cooling technology with airflow technology – The cooling gel accompanied by a specialized design allows ait to pass through the mattress, ensuring not only the top layer, but the entire mattress remains cool in those hot summer days. Airflow prevents the layers from accumulating heat as is the case in the majority of memory mattresses.

· Low transfer of motion – Perfect for light sleepers, the BedStory mattresses ensure that there is a minimum transfer of motion from one side to another.

· Pressure point relief technology – Memory foam ensures that there is close to no pressure acting on the joints when you lay on the mattress due to its ergonomic design and ability to mold itself according to the curves of your body.

· High-density support bases – Allow the mattress to retain its shape and size for a long time to come.

· Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, deodorizing mattresses and covers – Ensure your hygiene and prevents the buildup of bacteria.

· Body contouring feature with deformation resistance – Ensures longevity while providing you the same comfort that you are used to.

· Multi-layered forms – Each layer is dedicated to a specific purpose to ensure maximum comfort, making it one of the best mattresses available in the market for a wide range of customers.

· Designed for utmost comfort – We carry the motto of providing our customers with the comfort and care they deserve. It is our promise to them, to keep improving our products to the point of perfection and making sure that we never fall short of meeting their expectations of being one of the best mattress manufacturers present in the market.


5. Introduction to the main products of BedStory

Our products are the fruit of the hard work, dedication, and commitment we carry to provide the most innovative and comfortable products to our customers. Our range of mattresses include:


BedStory® Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress: One of our most liked and best products that has been made with as much diligence, care, and innovative expertise. Designed to keep you cool all night with its 1-inch layer of cool gel memory foam at the top that releases tapped heat while providing you excellent support and impeccable pressure relief unlike you have ever experienced before. Its gel-infused memory foam-based advanced hybrid system naturally aligns to the curves on your body and relieves pressure from the key pressure points on your body which includes shoulders, neck, back, etc.; ensuring a comfortable sleep every time you lay on BedStory® Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress.

It has a solid base of 7.5-inch pocket coils and a dual 2.5-inch layer of soft wave foam; top that with the gel layer on the top and you have yourself an ergonomic compendium designed to deliver utmost comfort with solid, yet relading support. BedStory® Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is also CertiPUR-US Certified which means you don’t have to concern yourself with any matters pertaining to health and safety that are associated with other different types of mattresses.

BedStory® 12inch Memory Foam Mattress:

One of our most popular products is a CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattress that is designed to contour as per the curves of your body and provide excellent pressure relief.


Next up our Pillows, which are an ideal partner to any of our comfortable and ergonomic mattresses.

· BedStory® Pillow for Luxurious Comfort With Plush Microfibre Cover: Experience the supreme softness of this ultra-luxury pillow filled with 3D clusters of plush fibers while being surrounded by a skin-friendly cover, so you can rest assured that it won’t flatten and will remain supportive whenever you wish to lay your head on them and relax. They are resistant to dust mites as well as hypoallergenic.


6. Summary

BedStory is committed to providing highly ergonomic and exceptionally relaxing solutions to our clients, as can be seen from the technologies employed by us to devise our products. Our customers can expect consistently improving products and innovation from us so our relationship with them will remain as comforting and as trustable as are our products for them. BedStory, your ideal bedding partner.