The Best Twin Size Mattress For You

Sleep is surprising one of the most body benefiting activities we can engage in. When we sleep our bodies use this opportunity to repair cells and renew our overworked bodily systems. Our bodies require that we rest in order for us to function efficiently the next day.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle to even get the recommended eight hours of sleep at night. Some of this restlessness may be related to stress or perhaps other personal reasons. However, adults reluctantly admit that there are nights when they simply just can't get comfortable in their beds. Even children can experience this at times. Some people because of their living arrangements have to sleep on a twin size mattress. This may contribute to some sleeping issues you may be experiencing, but sleeping on a twin size mattress doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience!

Sleeping on a smaller mattress may sound uncomfortable. This is because many twin size mattresses are not made of the same quality as regular full-size mattresses. BedStory is unique in that their twin size mattresses are made with the same quality as their king sizes. When you purchase a BedStory twin size mattress you get all the same luxuries and comforts of a regular mattress compacted into a smaller more economical size.

A twin size mattress is an excellent choice for toddler beds, young children, teens, and even single adults! Many adults select a twin size mattress because they have smaller bedrooms. A twin size mattress is a great way to save space and keep a room from feeling cramped. A twin size mattress from BedStory will ensure that you save space but still enjoy all the same benefits of a luxury full-size mattress.

As a leader in the mattress industry, Bedstory offers an expansive selection of twin size mattresses that are sure to improve your experience sleeping when compared to a regular twin size mattress. Their five-star mattresses even include a ten-year warranty!

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We have a 10-inch latex hybrid twin size mattress that will ensure your new twin size mattress will stay clean. This mattress is hypoallergenic and is made to be resistant against allergens, mold, bacteria and other irritants! The fabric is also made out of a knit material that absorbs moisture so you will stay cool and dry while you sleep.

We even have a luxurious lavender memory foam twin size mattress that has a built-in latex layer so your mattress will stay clean. The mattress is lavender-infused so you will fall asleep faster!

We have a luxury spring twin size mattress that is composed of both foam and springs to support your spinal area and relieve pressure from sensitive areas. The gel-infused memory foam helps keep the body cool at night.

We also have a memory foam twin size mattress with pocket coil that is also gel infused with gel. This hybrid mattress has medium firmness so that you get the perfect amount of support and comfort.

We even have a hypoallergenic gel memory foam twin size mattress that has a built-in bamboo charcoal gel layer for better breathability and support.

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Having been involved in the mattress industry for 36 years, we know how to make premium mattresses at a fair price for everyone. That’s why we created BedStory, a sleep expert who helps you sleep better at night, and makes you more energetic and productive during your waking hours.

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