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FEB 22, 2022      DAN GARDEN

Probably the most difficult part of writing a detailed review for a mattress is describing the feeling you get laying on it. Although you’ll never have the full idea of what it feels like until you try it, I’ll do my best to give you a detailed description of what it’s like to lay on this mattress, as compared to other memory foams.

March 25, 2019       THRIVEGLOABAL

I personally recommend everyone to try Bedstory mattress (Hybrid Mattress for Better Sleep) – fantastic quality, firm and wrapped-coil inside that help in reducing the sensation of movement which means you won’t wake up when your companion moves in the bed.

March 23, 2019        TECHAERIS

I honestly didn’t think I’d have this much to say about a mattress and pillows. But the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress really impressed both myself and my wife. While I slept decently on our old mattress, this mattress is extremely comfortable, and I’ve been sleeping really well since we’ve had it…save a few times I had stress-related insomnia, but that’s another story.

March 19, 2019       BUZZFEED

The mattress is quite comfortable, firm but not hard; the lavender sent is a little much with doors closed but I like it - I'm sure it will dissipate some over time. It is 12", a little larger than 76x80, more like 78x82 but I'm ok with that as deep pocket sheets fit perfectly. We have only had this mattress for under a week, but overall it seems to be a good purchase and would purchase again.

March 19, 2019       DAILY CALLER

While many mattress companies make bold claims on the experience of sleeping on their mattresses, often the experience does not match the marketing and hype. With Bedstory mattresses, it appears the case is quite the opposite

January 21, 2019        TECHAERIS

We first unboxed the mattress and pulled it from the box. We left the plastic wrap around it and carried it to the bedroom. It’s easiest if you just place the rolled up mattress on the box spring or bed frame you intend it to be on.

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