BedStory Waterproof Mattress Protector

  • Bamboo_fiber
  • WATERPROOF MATTRESS PROTECTOR: 100% waterproof TPU material, keep spills and stains from ruining your mattress. Waterproof mattress cover can help women spend their physiological period comfortably, prevent the elderly in need and children's bedwetting, pet urine from staining the mattress.
  • MULTI-PROTECTION FEATURES: Bamboo fiber mattress cover have natural antimicrobial, bactericidal effects. Because of "bamboo quinone" which has natural functions of bacteriostasis, mite prevention, odor and insect prevention.
  • COOLING AND BREATHABLE: Surface 40% bamboo fiber & 60% polyester. Bamboo fiber mattress protector is light, delicate, with cotton-like softness, giving a zero-pressure comfort. In summer and autumn makes people feel particularly cool and breathable. In winter and spring,it can eliminate excess heat and moisture.
  • DEEP POCKET FITTED SHEET: Easy to put on and remove for washing with elastic all around, suitable for different sizes of mattresses. Fitted sheet mattress protector have fine workmanship, which makes the mattress look more beautiful and comfortable, no foreign body sensation, and durable.

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