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How to choose a mattress topper?



Do you find yourself continuously moving around all night? Maybe, it’s hard for you to sleep at a stretch and you get up a number of times throughout the night. If the answer is yes, then you need to consider adding the mattress topper on the top of your bed. 

After having a long day when you finally want some sleep, your body craves some relaxation. Sure, you want to get curled in your mattress and have a dreamy night but sadly, some bumps and lumps in your existing mattress give you nightmares instead.

You may use a mattress topper for a number of reasons, such as giving support by adding extra cushioning to your existing mattress or simply upgrading your bed. You might need a mattress topper to prevent your mattress from wear and tear or maybe, support the spinal alignment that could eventually help you with back pain. If you want to get a quality and comfortable sleep, buy a mattress topper that best matches your needs.

From getting yourself a good night's sleep to extending the lifespan of your bed, investing in a mattress topper might be a good idea.  If your bed feels too hard and you toss and turn all night, it’s time to give your bed some extra cushioning it needs.

Confused about how to choose the right mattress topper for you? Let us walk you through the ins and outs of choosing the right mattress topper that keeps you and your body at ease.

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is known as a removal bedding that is made to place at the top of a bed. Besides, if you are planning to add an additional layer of plushness to your aging bed, a mattress topper can breathe life into it.

Mattress toppers are a cheaper alternative to buying a bed which can be a costly undertaking. The best mattress toppers are made from materials that not only add extra firmness to your bed, they also have temperature-regulating properties to keep you cool on warm summer nights.

What is the most comfortable type of mattress topper?

When choosing the best mattress topper for you, start by thinking about how you want to improve the mattress.

Let’s say, if your mattress is too soft, you may consider a topper made of latex. What’s more? If you are looking for the best cooling mattress topper, you can opt for a gel memory foam mattress topper as it has cooling components added inside. A gel mattress topper will keep heat away from the mattress and give you a cozy night’s sleep. If your mattress is too cold, a wool mattress topper comes with heat retention properties and is thermally regulated. 

  • Memory foam

One of the best materials for a mattress topper is memory foam.  Made from viscoelastic polyurethane, a memory foam mattress is the best mattress topper for back pain as it comes with soft cushioning support- and provides optimum support to your body.  Besides, memory foam can be your best bet to relieve pressure point pain.

A memory foam mattress topper helps you maintain a good body posture so you wake up fresh up in the morning. No matter how you sleep, buying a memory foam mattress topper keeps your spin in a neutral state.

  • Bamboo

A bamboo mattress topper will make your bed more comfortable and soft as it adds extra elasticity to the mattress. A Bamboo mattress topper will enhance the overall comfort level, protecting you against neck and back pains

A bamboo mattress topper can be a great purchase for someone who is looking for odorless, eco-friendly and comfortable.

That’s not it… bamboo mattresses are so incredibly comfortable and a highly recommended mattress topper for back pain for people with spine and back issues

  • Egg Crat

Enhance your sleep with an egg crate foam mattress topper. This is one of the ideal mattress toppers for back pain ensuring that you get a therapeutic and cool sleep. The egg crate foam topper is the best mattress topper for side sleepers. You can expect this to be supportive and durable for many years to come

The best egg crate foam mattress topper can be an excellent value for money. For someone who is looking for slight pressure relief, this can be a great option. The foam allows for a great amount of airflow that can easily be adjusted to the body.

How to choose a good mattress topper?

Picking the ideal mattress is a good investment especially when you are looking for a comfortable mattress.  Make sure to select the topper that is the exact size of your mattress. Select the right mattress topper that matches your budget and other requirements. Finally, you may want to consider some additional features such as cooling options, hypoallergenic materials and other benefits.

Before you make up your mind, here are some important features to look for.

  • Price

An expensive topper does not always mean better. Buy what matches your needs.  If it does not meet your needs, buying a costly mattress topper would be a complete waste.  Polyester, plain egg crate foam and cotton toppers are some of the budget-friendly options to consider. Wool and memory foam can be expensive, while a latex topper might cost an arm and leg

  • Breathable

A high-quality mattress topper can ward off all types of bacteria and bugs to ensure you a peaceful sleep.  Ideal mattress toppers are made from breathable wool which keeps moisture away from the body.  Anyone with allergies should look for material that minimizes asthma attacks or breathing difficulties.

  • Supportive

The best mattress topper should offer you maximum support and comfort for your back. You are more likely to spend more time in bed when in pain. An ideal mattress topper will alleviate pains and aches, and offer optimum support to your back for better sleep. Choosing support and comfort can make a huge difference to the quality of life.

Recommendations about a good mattress topper?

We understand that it can get difficult to choose a mattress topper for you with so many different mattress toppers available in the market. To make it easy for you, we have prepared a list of some reasonable options you might consider. Let’s look at them.

    •  BedStory® 3 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Foam Mattress Topper
    • The bamboo mattress toppers are designed to revamp your existing mattress and upgrade your sleep. So whether you are looking for a firm mattress topper for back pain or coolness, we think that the Bamboo Charcoal Foam Mattress Topper will get the job done.
    • When buying this mattress topper, quality, practicality and comfort are all rolled into one.

    • BedStory® Egg Crate Mattress Topper Memory Foam Bed Topper

      The egg crate mattress toppers do a commendable job with airy pressure relief. What makes them great is the fact that it is highly breathable. The dips and bumps on the egg crate mattress topper will help you sleep comfortably, and minimize pressure points.

      If you think your bed is too firm or hard and you wake up with muscle aches almost every morning, it is time to look for a cooling

      Not only will they contour to your body, but egg crate mattress toppers are also known for providing excellent body support.

    • BedStory® Memory Foam Topper Gel& Bamboo Charcoal Dual Layer

    • If your bed feels too toasty at night, you should consider a gel memory foam mattress topper. The Memory Foam Topper is a great value for money, especially during harsh summers. The gel can be a good option if you are issuing sore muscles very frequently and pains are keeping you up all night.
    • Buying a mattress topper is very important

      Buying a mattress topper can be a wonderful addition to your bed. With an effective mattress topper, your aging will start looking brand new as all the signs of wear and tear and lumps will be covered.  Indeed, your bed is the star of your room and hence, it should be given all the attention it requires. Buying a mattress topper is indeed a personal choice, but it can significantly increase the life span of your bed by one of two years before it’s finally time to change it.


    • If you are looking for a quality product, the bed story has got you covered. You will find amazing varieties that are not too hard on your pockets, with top-class quality and perfection.   



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