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Mattress Sizes and Bed Dimensions Guide 2024

What are the various types of mattress sizes out there?

Wondering why mattress sizes seem to be confusing? What is a Twin sized bed? Not sure what a Queen sized bed is? Or which one is needed? These questions happen when you need to buy your first, second, or fifth bed.


Some mattress sizes also have dual names, which we'll go over, so there's less confusion and more understanding of what these mattress sizes actually look like.


There are about four major types of mattress sizes, yet with variations for some of them, bringing the total to seven standard mattress sizes. The variations really are just a longer length.


The factors of the amount of room you have, how big your family is, and how big each family member is will help decide exactly what type of mattress size will be the best one for you.

The common mattress size:

Twin: This is the smallest mattress size above a toddler's crib. Its dimensions come in at 38” x 75”, and it is the perfect first bed for children up to pre-teens. It's also not a bad plan to store it in a spare bedroom for guests and family members to have a place to sleep when they come over. 

Twin XL - 38" x 80"

Twin XL: A bit larger in length than the Twin by four inches, its dimensions are 38” x 80”. This is an ideal option as the child gets bigger or if you have taller people in the family. If you also check the width, you'll notice that you can use two Twin XL mattresses for a king-sized bed frame for those who want or need two types of mattress firmness. 

Full: This is one of the most common bed sizes in the US. It's got substantially more width than the twin-sized beds, with 54" x 75" dimensions. It's a great bed for solo sleepers, and in some cases, it's possible to even use this as a bed for couples, who simply may not have enough space in the bedroom for anything larger, and if they're ok being near each other. It's also a good bed for a parent to share with their young child if their child isn't ready yet to sleep independently. 

Full XL- 54" x 80"

Full-XL: Very similar to the full and another standard staple mattress size. It comes in with an additional four inches of length with dimensions being 54" x 80". Perfect for those who are taller and don't want to have their legs dangling off the edge. 

Keep in mind that there's no additional width, so it'll still be a tight squeeze for couples. It's an excellent sleeper for those who may sleep with their small pets, though, and the extra legroom helps give you both enough space. 

Queen: A queen-size mattress is the most popular. Coming in at 60” x 80”, it has ample width and length for many situations. It can be a great option for solo sleepers who simply want the expanse of space the mattress provides. 

It's also the preferred initial-sized mattress for couples, as the couple has an additional half a foot of length to work with. There's also no need to consider queen variations with different lengths, as this size already comes in at the longer measurement. 

This can even have enough space for couples with their small pet and still feel as if there's ample size remaining. Although accessories and sheets are common with standardized mattress sizes, you’ll quickly notice the ample supply of products available in larger concentrations for Queen sized mattresses. Keep in mind that you will need to ensure that the bedroom size is also big enough. 

King: In the heavyweight category and coming in at 76" x 80", the King sized mattress is perfect for couples who want their zones of sleep without bothering their partner. They're big, so they can fit couples with kids and their pets and still feel like a private island depending on everyone's size. 

These are big beds, so consider the size of the room itself because there are times when you may dream of a king-sized bed, but the room's dimensions simply won't be able to handle it. Also, you need to consider the rest of the room because we're talking about an additional 16 inches of width taking up the room's square footage. Yet if you have the space, try to always opt for the King size mattress over a Queen.  

California King - 72" x 84"

California King: This mattress size has become popular, especially for taller people, due to the extended length by four inches. Yet it also has four inches less width coming in with dimensions at 72” x 84”. Bear in mind that this is also very spacious and still a foot more width than a Queen sized mattress. You won't be able to use two twin XL-sized mattresses due to the width not being enough, so keep that under consideration as well. 

The bedsheets also are not as common as King sized mattress sheets and are not interchangeable with a king-sized mattress. Yet, at the same time, this mattress size might be able to fit in rooms that don't conform to a traditional square shape, allowing for a large mattress in a unique space. 

Which Size Of Mattress Do You Need?

Take into consideration a few factors. First, you need to see what size your bedroom is and whether it can even fit a Queen sized mattress or above? If you have narrow elevators or staircases, you'll need to consider box springs and mattresses for kings to be two Twin XL instead because a King sized mattress may not fit. 

Then you want to see how big you are and if you're sharing it. If you're six feet or taller, consider getting a longer mattress, such as a Queen or King-sized mattress. The Full XL may work, but it also depends if you're muscular or heavyset and will need additional width than it can provide. 

If you're going to be sharing this with a partner (or pets), then go Queen-sized or above when possible, unless both of you (and possibly your pet) are of smaller stature. Those extra few inches of width go a long way to not disturbing your partner. 

The final piece is your budget. There's a significant price difference between each size upgrade, and if you're looking between a Queen or King-sized bed, you'll quickly notice that it could be a few hundred dollars more for that extra size. 

Accessories and bed linens are usually priced based on the material amount, meaning that having a King-sized mattress will cost more in the long run due to its larger size. It all comes down to comfort. 

How to Measure Your Mattress?

After buying a new mattress, you need to check if it is fully expanded. Here are some tips about how to measure the height of the mattress. 

1. Place a hard-edge ruler at the bottom edge of the mattress.

2. Measure to the highest point。

3. Include the height of the pillow top, foam pad or any area that the encasing needs to zip around. 

Note: Please measure the height twice to sure get the exact data

In the end

A good quality mattress can survive up to ten years, and it can be quite an investment. If you plan on settling in somewhere without a lot of moving that can damage the mattress, take the time to find the right-sized mattress and one that you're comfortable with when you lay on it. You're going to be in it for a great deal of time so you want to make sure it works with your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a double bed the same as a full one?

Yes, it is. These can be used interchangeably, but their dimensions are exactly the same size at 54"x 75"

What is the difference between King and California king?

A King-sized bed is wider than a California King by four inches. Yet, a California King is longer than a King by four inches. 


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