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BedStory 3 Inch Gel Infused High-Density Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Rating: 4.88 out of 5.0
SKU: TPF220354302-F-MSBWUS

Dual Layer Structure: Unsure about the ideal firmness? Consider the BedStory Fresh! Its innovative two-layer foam design allows you to customize your comfort. The top layer offers a firm feel, while the bottom layer provides an extra-firm sensation, achieving the perfect balance of firmness tailored to your needs. This means that for an extra firm sleeping experience, simply flip the product and use it that way.

Pain Relief: Based on extensive testing and analysis of various mattress toppers, we have meticulously crafted a product that effectively alleviates back pain. The gel memory foam conforms to your curves and distributes weight evenly to align the spine and alleviate pressure points.

Cooling Function: This mattress topper is crafted using gel-infused beads with an open-cell structure, providing excellent temperature regulation and even distribution of body heat. With a cooling function that outperforms regular gel-infused memory foam by 60%, you can experience superior cooling comfort.

Machine Washable: The cover features a skin-friendly knitted fabric that is lightweight and anti-static. Equipped with adjustable elastic straps and a non-slip bottom, it effectively prevents sliding. Additionally, the premium zipper allows for easy removal and machine washing, ensuring convenience and cleanliness.

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4.9 / 5

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Customer Reviews

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My gold standard in toppers!

I was needing to replace my three year old topper. I read all of the reviews about smell and the center spine fold not disappearing. I purchased the king extra firm topper. The topper expanded within four hours and I proceeded to follow the directions and heat the center fold with my hair dryer. The next morning the ridge was gone and I installed the topper. No smell what so ever.

Game changer

This is very compressed when you get it so make sure that you open it in the room that you’re going to be using it it needs to have a chance to unfold and go into shape. It’s definitely made a difference on my mattress as it’s a little older and I need it up some more support. So far it’s very comfortable

Miss Jones
Supportive Companion

My previous mattress was firm with a tight top feature. But I forgot to pick the tight top feature in my new firm mattress and that did cause trouble for me to get used to my new mattress. I have been looking for a mattress top that carries the real 'firm' feature, not just claimed as 'firm' but is 'soft'. Fortunately this mattress top 100% fits what I expected for a 'firm'! It did have some slight plastic smells at the beginning, but after putting two layers of covers it was more tolerable. After two nights the smells were all gone. The mattress top size fits my queen-size mattress well. Installation was easy and the anti-slip design and corner ties really did a great job. The cooling feature is dramatic and can be felt immediately. Also, I'm very satisfied with the firmness it provided. I could feel after installing this firm mattress top, my new firm mattress gave me the perfect feeling that super close to the previous firm mattress with a tight top feature, but with a better improvement since they are brand new and upgraded. My back pain was relieved after using them and the sleeping quality also improved a lot.

dianel Jon
Awesome pain relief first night!

I had no idea that this mattress topper would make such a difference. We already have a high dollar mattress, so I didn't want to buy another one. My husband wanted something firmer, so we compromised with a mattress topper. It only took one night for both of us to be amazed. Great, great product!! I should have listened to him sooner, but I'd never tell him that. :)

Susan Edel
Firm topper for back and hip pain relief.

I was looking for a firm topper and when I received this one, I was afraid it was too firm. It is stiff, however, when I slept on it I was surprised that I slept comfortably and did not notice pain in my hips, as I did with my softer topper. I did eventually add a mattress cover over the topper that has a pillow top to soften it just a bit and it’s been working well. This is definitely an item for someone who might have some back issues and likes sleeping on a firm bed.


Twin: 97x188x7.6 cm
Full: 137x188x7.6 cm
Queen: 152x203x7.6 cm
King: 193x203x7.6 cm
CK: 183x213x7.6 cm

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  • Twin Size: 97cm x 188cm;
  • Full Size: 137cm x 188cm;
  • Queen Size: 152cm x 203cm;
  • King Size: 193cm x 203cm;

The mattress topper is compatible with adjustable beds, but ensure proper bed size alignment with our topper.

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