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BedStory® 12 Inch Euro-top Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

Rating: 4.87 out of 5.0

Upgrade Your Bedroom: Features a dreamy star knitted fabric and Euro-top design, that makes it stylish, durable and it tends to have great edge support and good isolation.

Pocket Spring Mattress: Combined with various premium foam and Individually pocketing springs, soft, supportive, and minimize motion disturbances. Suitable for all sleeping positions.

A PERFECT COMBINATION: Built-in bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam, the odor-reducing and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo charcoal will create a fresher sleeping environment.

Safe & Healthy: Made in the US, the foam is CertiPUR-US certified and fiber-glass free. The mattress top fabric is OEKO-TEX certified. Creating a healthy sleeping environment for your family. 

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4.9 / 5

Features a well-padded and breathable comfort layer that sits flush with the edges of the base layer, giving you that extra comfort and softness you need. The great motion isolation makes it a great option for couples. It is also great for stomach and combination sleepers who weigh under 230 lbs.


Individually wrapped coils minimize motion disturbances. While multi-layers of foam including premium memory foam, comfort layer foam, and high-density supportive foam evenly support your spine and relieve pressure points. Reinforced border and base prevent sinking or sagging, ensuring 10 years of lifetime.


Better Sleep, BedStory!

Invest in a good mattress will effectively improved the quality of life.

What Our Customers Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Amazing for anyone, couples or chronic pain!

Our all foam mattress was sinking a lot and we didn’t have the funds to shell out a 1k+ mattress. We needed a quick fix that was firm and didn’t have fiberglass. After hours of searching I came across bed story. They are made in the US which was a big bonus. I was pretty certain I wanted a hybrid because I like a firm mattress but with a soft upper layer. Spring mattresses last longer and are more durable. Foam always sinks quickly and isn’t good for intimate times if you know what I mean lol. I have chronic pain from my neck down to my hips. Searching for a mattress online is stressful for anyone, it’s nearly a guessing game, especially with chronic pain. I was desperate to find something that met my requirements as I was in so much pain in our foam mattress. My partner isn’t as fussy as long as I’m happy. He was even surprised by how comfortable this mattress was. We both sleep better and have a hard time leaving it for work lol. It shipped quickly. It is the perfect firmness. Even more firm than I thought which is amazing. But you don’t feel the springs. It’s a nice combo of firm but soft on the upper layer so it feels soft and supportive. It forms to you without the horrible sinking that some mattresses have (especially all foam ones). We are so surprised by the quality for the price. My advice to anyone thinking about buying any mattress is always rotate it every 3 months to make it last as long as possible. We are in our twenties but I’ve had chronic pain for many years. Partly due to sleeping on horrible mattresses that sink because I thought I wanted very soft mattresses. With my experience no one should be sleeping on a soft mattress. Your spine needs to be aligned whether you have chronic pain or not it causes issues down the line. I always say everyone should have a firm mattress. You can always add toppers to your liking but you can’t make a mattress more firm you know? I’ve had a 1k mattress in the past and this mattress is right on quality with that one. I am amazed at how good this thing is. It took 4 days to expand. Make sure you do it flat not on its side up against a wall. Springs take longer to expand so this is normal to wait 3-5 days. We love this mattress and as someone with chronic pain I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. You won’t regret it.

Very Comfortable

We bought this after having a memory foam mattress for years. We would both always complying back pain. Since we've had this mattress we both sleep so much better and aren't hurting when we get up in the mornings.

Firm and sleeps cool

This mattress is the best value for the money you will find this year. My husband was a bit suspect becuase we typically like a firm mattress and many of the "mattresses in a box" are soft or "mushy". Not this one! Our neighbor helped us carry the box to our bedroom on the second floor. We opened the box and unfolded the shrink wrapped mattress. We could hear it starting to take in air. We spread it out and cut the plastic cover away and it quickly began to take shape. The manufacturers instructions suggest 72 hours before sleeping on it, we allowed approximately 48 hours. I am a restless sleeper we are especially pleased that you can not feel your partner moving around on it during the night. The 2nd night we slept on the mattress my husband said he did not think he moved a muscle the entire night. The price of this mattress is a real value.

Nice mattress-in-a-box

This is one of the mattress-in-a-box products. That means it is a vacuum-packed, rolled-up mattress that comes in a box. It is rather heavy (about 80lbs) so you may need some help moving it into your house and to your bedroom after delivery. Some care should be taken when unpacking and the easiest route to "installation" is to place the still-compressed mattress on your bedframe and then carefully cut the plastic and slowly unroll the mattress on the frame itself (you'll have to be certain that the topside of the mattress is oriented correctly as there is a distinct top and bottom). The mattress starts uncompressing almost immediately although the manufacturer indicates that it may not fully uncompress for about 3 days. Once uncompressed you can dress it with your bedding. The mattress has a soft foam top and a spring-supported body. Between those two layers is presumably some gel-foam. Together this provides a medium-ish level of firmness and is comfortable for back and side sleepers. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty and is indeed correctly a queen-size mattress as indicated. It would have been nice if the mattress had handles on the sides to help with positioning or rotating it. Overall, I would say this mattress is fairly priced and well-made.

Fabulous Bed, so happy with it

Easy to set up and waited the time it advised to not sleep on it. It is great and I'm sleeping great too. No longer have back aches when I get out of bed and I feel very refreshed. Its high quality and I would recommend it.


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  • Twin size: 32 x 74 x 12 Inch ( 97 x 188 x 31.7cm )
  • Full size: 54 x 74 x 12 Inch ( 137 x 188 x 31.7cm)
  • Queen size: 60 x 80 x 12 Inch (152 x 203 x 31.7cm )
  • King size: 76 x 80 x 12 Inch ( 193 x 203 x 31.7cm)

No. The hybrid mattress is crafted with memory foam and Individual pocket springs. You won't feel any movement from another person

No. You don't need a box spring. It could be used on a wide variety of bed frames, such as slatted frame, platform bed, metal grid or simply on the floor!

The mattress is compressed and vacuumed packed, which can be easily shipped and moved through corridor and into your room. Simply unbox it and allow time up to 72 hours for the mattress to expand to its original shape.

No, it is fiberglass free mattress. All BedStory mattresses don't contain fiberglass. Making you far away from health concerns.

Shipping is on us – we wouldn't have it any other way!

You will be refunded for the cost of the mattress, topper (less any discounts) once the mattress or topper is removed from your home. Please email us at to initiate a return. If you paid online, your refund may take 1-3 business days to appear on your account.